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Buying: The Decision-Making Process

If you are considering purchasing a vending or office coffee service business, you more than likely fall into one of the following broad categories of potential buyers:

  • Synergistic Buyer
    You are often a competitor of the potential seller, and are interested in folding the seller's operation into your own by combining facilities and consolidating overhead. If there is good synergy, the combination of the two companies will be worth more, be more competitive and more profitable than the individual companies pre-sale. This kind of buyer is most common.

  • Strategic Buyer
    Your goal is to enter new markets or increase market share in your existing market. Strategic buyers can come from vending, OCS or a complementary business, and look for businesses with strong sales, unique market share, and effective management in place and willing to remain.

  • Individual Buyer
    You have substantial financial resources, and a background to lead an operation. This buyer generally seeks a business that is currently financially healthy so they can hit the ground running when the purchase is completed.

  • Financial Buyer
    You are most influenced by a high return on investment, coupled with your ability to get financing on as large a portion of the purchase price as possible. These buyers purchase businesses with the goal of making the maximum amount of money with the least amount of their own capital invested.

You've Decided to Buy

When you've made your decision, the next step should be to get some assistance in locating and qualifying appropriate potential sellers. We have years of experience in the field, and many contacts in the industry. We can help you find the sellers, and assist you in the complex steps involved in completing a purchase.

Key Considerations

If you are interested in buying, we will need the answers to the following key considerations. Be sure you really want to make a deal...and have the financial wherewithal to consummate the transaction.

We will need to know:

  1. Your geographic regions of interest
  2. The range of sales volume you need/desire
  3. Your funding availability
  4. Expectations, i.e., are you looking for fold-ins, new branch operations, growth potential
  5. Your target time frame for completing the deal
  6. Are you a first time buyer
  7. Whether you will accept a vending (OCS) deal with an OCS (vending) component
  8. Any special requirements

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